VIVA San Antonio! Fiesta

VIVA San Antonio! Fiesta in San Antonio is a time to remember heroes and celebrate the rich culture and history of San Antonio. It has become a series of great events, parades, and parties at which we come together as a community and enjoy the company of our friends and neighbors and enjoy the heritage of San Antonio. It is a time of fun, food, music and drink.

As your attorney, I encourage you to enjoy Fiesta and take part in all of the festivities. I also remind you to plan ahead so that you may drink responsibly and get home safely.  Whether by bus, taxi or designated driver, there are many ways to enjoy Fiesta without risk of unwanted interaction with law enforcement! If you should find yourself confronted by law enforcement, please save my phone number to your phone and contact me immediately -2102696645.

You may only get one phone call to a friend or family member, so make sure that person has my name and phone number as well. Happy Fiesta, Friends! Loraine Efron; email: